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Building Confidence, One Trick at a Time.


The Texas Skateboarding Club is located at 13317 Fitzhugh Rd in Austin, Texas. The club was founded on the idea that kids should have a choice outside of “traditional” sports. Our primary goal is to provide an outlet for kids to explore their own limitations through skateboarding lessons and hopefully realize that there aren’t any. Self confidence is the foundation for success, and skateboarding is a building block in that foundation. Individuality should be embraced, not encumbered. And confidence should be cultivated, not conformed.

Supervised by professionals:

participants will learn what it takes to get back up after they fall down.

Skateboarding is an art form. Whether it’s the clean lines of Shawn White or the technicality of Tony Hawk, there is a place for all styles and interpretations.  The Texas Skateboarding Club is a blank canvas where kids of all ages can get together and create something meaningful. Come check out our skate camps!

The Texas Skateboarding Club meets once a month for rally’s which are fun and lively.  Our facility fosters a safe place where kids can meet other kids with similar interest, have the camaraderie along with professional instructors on-site facilitating while building self confidence and self-esteem  learning one trick at a time! (Our members are from Austin, Dripping Springs, Lake Way, Bee Caves, Westlake and surrounding areas and even out of state. )  Rally’s are typically held  at our training facility and from time to time other surrounding skate parks.

We also offer lesson packs- Which are held at our private facility to ensure privacy however,  we can also arrange lessons at Brushy Creek, House Park and/ or Mable Davis Skate Parks.

Approved Off Campus PE Provider for Middle and High School

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