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080212_xlcover_5_1527021cIn Texas, organized team sports are a phenomenon. But, where do kids fit in if they don’t want to play football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer etc.? In the past they have just been left to their own devices, often struggling to fit in at school and to be “accepted” by their peers. Over the past decade, action sports have become a mainstay favorite among elementary, middle school and high school kids, and the popularity of skateboarding has been on the rise. In recent years, skateboarding has become part of the sport curriculum in some high schools across the nation.

Olympics in 2020! Skateboarding was one of five new sports added to the Olympic program, alongside sport climbing, karate, baseball/softball, and surfing. The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokoyo from July 24 to August 9.

The Texas Skateboarding Club was founded on the idea that kids should have a choice outside of “traditional” sports. Our primary goal is to provide an outlet for kids to explore their own limitations and hopefully realize there aren’t any. Self confidence is the foundation for success, and skateboarding is a building block in that foundation. Individuality should be embraced, not encumbered. And confidence should be cultivated, not conformed.

Skateboarding is an art form. Whether it’s the clean lines of Shawn White or the technicality of Tony Hawk, there is a place for all styles and interpretations.  The Texas Skateboarding Club is a blank canvas where kids of all ages can get together and create something meaningful — building confidence, one trick at a time.

Supervised by professionals, participants will learn what it takes to get back up after they fall down.

Meet our Instructors


Camp Director: Bryan Fiese

Bryan Fiese is our Camp Director- His background is in Education and Business Marketing providing leadership, teambuilding training programs for students, educators and corporate.  On his down time Bryan enjoys skateboarding with his son and spending time with his family.


Camp Manager: Colten Perry

Colten Perry is from Houston and has been a part of the Texas skateboarding scene for over half of his life skating the streets and competitions all over the US. He has over 6 years of managing, training and teaching skateboarding with the club and he is dedicated to channeling perseverance and confidence through his passion to all the kids that come through the camp.


Lead Instructor: Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones is a local sponsored skateboarder who has been skating for nearly 17 years, four of which have been spent as a private instructor. His specialties include transition (riding ramps), technical flat ground and everything in between. Over the years Dylan has taught skateboarding in Austin as well as Seattle and can explain almost any trick to a child no matter their skill level. When not skateboarding he enjoys filming, editing and running a small skateboard company based around his favorite animal, Pugs!

stevieB_small - Copy

Instructor: Stevie Barile

Stevie Barile is a Seattle transplant who has been riding a skateboard almost as long as she’s been walking. While she only recently moved to Texas she’s no newbie to teaching.  Living in Seattle she spent the entirety of 2016 teaching skateboarding to children on a daily basis. Stevie, enjoys working with children of all skill sets but she specializes in beginners and girls eager to shred!


Jr. Instructor: Hagen Fiese

Hagen Fiese is 13-years-old and from Dripping Springs. He has been skateboarding since he was 6-years-old.  He loves transition and enjoys working with the younger kids around our rotations to help build their confidence and to make sure they are having fun.

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Operations Manager: Susie Fiese

Susie Fiese is our Operations Manager keeping things organized and running smooth behind the scenes. If you call in the office you will most likely catch her to help answer questions .  She is passionate about health and wellness and LOVES educating and inspiring others through nutrition, mind and spirit.

img_7146The Texas Skateboarding Club meets once a month. Members receive a custom Texas Skateboarding t-shirt, custom deck, camp discounts and are able to attend monthly member-only rallies and special invite-only events.

Our summer camps are unparalleled, offering an exciting experience that won’t be forgotten.


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