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The Gypsy Ramp is a 20-foot wide and six feet high mobile trailer ramp.  It is cut on an eight-foot transition and it’s the first of its kind in the entire southwest.

The Beauty of The Gypsy Ramp is the ease of its setup.  It can be fully setup and operational in less than one hour.  Ideally, the footprint needed for best execution is 40’ X 60’.  However, we can make it work in a smaller space if needed.

We can provide a team of riders for demos if desired.  We Offer other services as well.  We have a full audio/visual production team: lighting, sound, and video. We also offer full in-house graphic design services, including onsite mobile t-shirt printing. Whether you’re looking for a full-service live action sport event, or an a la carte menu option, The Gypsy Ramp will deliver.

We also have access to smaller street-style ramps (kickers, launch ramps. grind rails, fun boxes, ledges)

 Custom Skate/BMX Ramp Construction

T.S.C. has years of experience building and fabricating custom Skate/BMX  ramps and skate parks. If you would like to send us a mock-up of your concept or have us do it all, give us a call!


  • ♦ Full Audio/Visual and Lighting
  • ♦ Live MC with over 15 years of professional speaking
  • ♦ Graphic design team
  • ♦ Live onsite mobile t-shirt printing

Call for Rates and information

866-465-7073 or email: bryan@getumotivated.com

Ramp Rental, Birthday parties, Festivals, Grand Opening, Concerts, Anti-bullying program

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